Reliable Edmonton Infill Builders

Plex Developments are known as the leaders of infill housing in Edmonton. Infills provide homeowners with quality customised and affordable homes which have helped to bring many neighbourhoods back to life or they have been added to matured neighbourhoods. Infill is a concept that has only recently began properly in Edmonton; it helps by reducing urban-scrawl and allows people live in a modern home but in a city area. If you love the neighbourhood you live in but no longer want an older looking home then you should work with Plex Developments and their fantastic Edmonton infill builders. They offer a free consultation to help to get you started. All of their Edmonton infill builders are hard working and dedicated, they like to take pride in the work that they do, as they want their customers to be satisfied with the work. They are the only company in Edmonton that specializes in residential infill housing. They are experts in dealing with planning and development in Edmonton.